2018 New Year’s Greeting

I would like to extend my greetings for the New Year.

This year will be the 61st anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Japan.

A lot of events were dubbed 60th Anniversary, but despite 2017 having been a tumultuous year, I am confident the coming year will be one which sees a lot of progress.

Towards the end of last year, I was honored to participate in the United Grand Lodge of England’s 300th Anniversary Ceremony and was able to experience a deeper level of Freemasonry.

On October 30th I attended the Grand MastersReception held at the Freemasons Hall. As one of the Grand Masters of 136 countries present, I was granted an audience with the Grand Master of United Grand Lodge of England, His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent.

On the following day, October 31st, I attended the 300th Anniversary Celebration held at the Royal Albert Hall.

During the event, members of the Royal Opera conducted a performance showcasing the history and heritage of Freemasonry.

It was a drama revolving around a modern-day candidate wondering what Freemasonry is, and who hears from a succession of many historically significant Freemasons beliefs, who in turn guide the candidate until he is finally made a Mason by the Grand Master HRH The Duke of Kent.

It was an easy to understand drama well worth watching.

It has been made public and I urge you to view the webcast.


While this modern age is one which offers seemingly limitless ways to live, it is also an age where many have lost sight of their purpose in living.

Our fundamental principle is to leverage our God-given abilities to the fullest for the benefit of society. I am confident this way of living will undoubtedly lead many people to empathize with us.


Shinya Takeda,

Grand Master 2017

Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Japan

Freemasons 300th Anniversary Webcast Oct 2017