ANCOM 2017
DATE 24-25 March 2017
VENUE Grand Lodge of Japan (Tokyo Masonic Center)

Each year, all Grand lodge of Japan Master Masons are invited to attend the Annual Communication, which is held at the Tokyo Masonic Center.
Annual Communication guests enjoy a variety of opportunities to build connections and socialize with fellow Masons and Masonic family members – from throughout Japan and beyond.

Thursday, 23 March 2017
・18:00  Welcome dinner (Scotish Rite Hall)

Friday, 24 March 2017
・07:30  Registration
・08:45  All attendees be seated in the Grand Lodge
・08:50  Grand Lodge Officers assembled
・09:00  Opening
・12:00  Lunch
・13:30  Grand Lodge reconvened
・15:00  Election of Officers
・Grand Lodge recessed

saturday, 25 March 2017
・09:00-10:00  Grand Lodge of Instruction
・10:00-11:30  Past Master’s Degree
・11:30-13:00  Past Grand Master’s Luncheon

・14:30  Resume Annual Communication in Pulbic Form
・15:00  Public Installation of Officers
・18:30  Banquet at New Sanno Hotel

at Welcome Dinner on 23rd

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