ANCOM 2024 / 年次総会2024

ANCOM 2024
DATE   March 22, 23 (Friday & Saturday)
VENUE   New Sanno Hotel

“Welcome to the Grand Lodge of Japan 65th Annual Communication. It is with earnest hope, that you enjoy to the fullest, the beautiful sights and festivities in and around the City of Tokyo this time of the year. Your attendance and participation to our ANCOM exemplifies your devotion to the Craft. May our bond of Brotherly Love and Affection become the highlight of this ANCOM. With a sincere Masonic Grip, Welcome!”
グランドロッジ・オブ・ジャパンの第65回年次コミュニケーションへようこそ。 この時期に東京とその周辺の美しい景色やお祭りを心ゆくまで楽しんでいただければ幸いです。 私たちの ANCOM への皆様の出席と参加は、クラフトに対する皆様の献身を表しています。 私たちの兄弟愛と愛情の絆がこのANCOMのハイライトとなりますように。 誠実なフリーメイソンのグリップをもって、ようこそ!
Joel A. Encarnecion
Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Japan

All registrations will open December 15.

GLJ ANCOM 2024 Event List

Message from GLJ ANCOM2024 Committee:

We would like to share some important announcements and information for the upcoming ANCOM on March 22 and 23.
Due to the fact that the TMC is currently under construction, all events on March 22 and 23 will be held at the New Sanno Hotel.
Since the TMC can accommodate fewer people than the TMC, it has become necessary to manage the number of participants. Therefore, we will be accepting registrations in phases as follows.
Dec 15 - Feb 15 Master Masons and family(16+)
Feb 16 - All others

Due to the limited capacity of the venue (250 seats), registration will be limited to Masons and their family members (16 +). Attendance at the Installation, which in past years was open to all without registration, will require advance registration. (New Sanno Hotel rules).
Registration will be closed when the maximum number of applicants is reached. Also, depending on the applicant's nationality, a separate application form and a copy of the applicant's passport may be required.

Please note that all events held at the New Sanno Hotel require the presentation of a passport or driver's license or US Military ID; without ID you will not be admitted.

GLJ ANCOM委員会よりのお知らせ


12月15日から2月15日 マスターメイソンとその家族(16才以上)
2月16日〜 それ以外の皆様

例年ですと登録不要で参加可能だった就任式への出席も事前申し込みが必要です。(New Sanno Hotelの規則)
ニュー山王ホテルにて開催される全てのイベントはパスポートまたは運転免許証、米国政府のIDの提示が必要です。これらの提示のない場合は入場ができませんのでご注意ください。 また、申込者の国籍によっては別途申請用紙の提出とパスポートのコピーなどが必要になります。

Banquet tickets are sold out


If you have any questions, please contact WB Taiki Ogawa or RWB Kenzo Hirata using the form below.

We look forward to seeing you all at the GLJ ANCOM 2024.




1F Shiba Park Building B
2-4-1 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011