Grand Master's Message / グランドマスターよりご挨拶


Greetings to all,
Since this short message is open to the Public via this website with an audience that includes Masons, Non-Masons, friends, family…basically people from all walks of life, the content will attempt to encompass one which could apply to any of our readers. It is NOT intended to provide a full history of Masonry or other details which are in abundance on the Internet. Instead, the goal is to provide some background and information specific to Masonry in Japan and to a lesser degree, Korea since it is one of our newest Lodges

First and foremost, the Grand Lodge of Japan welcomes you to our corner of Masonry here in the jurisdiction of Japan. Our jurisdiction is comprised of Lodges in Tokyo, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Sasebo, Fukuoka, Misawa, Fujisawa, Okinawa, and Korea. While we are a small jurisdiction as compared to some other countries, we are widely dispersed throughout Japan with a very close and tight knit fraternity of masons. Our membership is multi-cultural containing members, whom we call Brothers, from Japan, United States, and Philippines to name just a few. Our Lodges conduct their business in either Japanese or English, depending on the Lodge.

You may have heard one of the Mason’s mottos that we “make good men better” or that we are a charitable organization helping those in need. You may have recognized our philanthropic endeavors through appendant organizations such as the Shriners or perhaps local activities sponsored by a Masonic Lodge near you. Despite the belief of some, we are NOT a religious organization nor are we a part of a sinister conspiracy to take over the world. We do not hold ourselves above others. While there have been many great and famous historical figures who were Masons, most of us are normal, everyday citizens trying to do a small part in making life better for others through us, as instruments of virtue.

Since Japan has a history of being very careful and deliberate in accepting change from foreign influences, Masonry has grown slowly over the years. However, like many of the things done by this country, once accepted, dedication and perfection are standards by which we all wish to emulate.

Unfortunately, our Grand Lodge, which was located near the famous Tokyo Tower, is undergoing construction for the next several years. During this period, we have set up a temporary Grand Lodge close to the same area, the location of which can also be found on this website. Thanks to the Masonic Foundation of Japan, the Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite rooms are exact models of the ones in the original Grand Lodge.

For Masons not of this jurisdiction, if you are interested in visiting or joining one of our Lodges, please contact the Grand Lodge or the Lodge of interest as listed in this website. We welcome you with open arms and encourage you to visit our Lodges. Hopefully, for those living here in Japan, even if temporarily, you will find a Lodge to join as you exchange great fellowship with the Brethren.

For the Brethren of Japan, I am more than honored to be your Grand Master and thank each and every one of you for your support. Be proud of being Masons of this jurisdiction and carry yourself well as you journey throughout the world.

Earl Smith,
Grand Master 2024
Grand Lodge of Japan




1F Shiba Park Building B
2-4-1 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011